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Pickleball clinics

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Coaching Clinics

⌚ Tuesday: 18:30 – 20:00

Each week will focus on a particular shot or aspect of the game. They will also be assigned to different skill levels, which can be found below. 

7th May: Volleying basics – Early Improver

21st May: Backhand technique – Intermediate

📍Location: Christ’s College Finchley – East End Road, N2 0SE, London


What skill level is for me?

Each clinic will be assigned to a certain skill level which can be seen below. Here is the guidance to decide which category you fir most into.

Early Improver

This is someone who does understand the rules and the scoring, but doesn’t have much racket sport experience. They are fairly inconsistent with most of the shots. They are able to hit the ball in with some consistency when in a training environment, but struggle to get in the right position and adapt to the pace of the ball in a match. 


This is someone who understands the rules and scoring, and probably has some racket sport experience. Fairly consistent with most shots, and able to cover the court, but lacks power and finesse. While their footwork is not great, they have good enough coordination to be able to make up for it.


In general, those who fit all the criteria of being fairly consistent off both sides (forehand and backhand) from the back of the court and at the net. Comfortable with the kitchen, and able to stay out of it pretty much at all times. A consistent serve and return and the ability to attack a high volley, as well as having fairly quick reactions at the net. Finally, some tactical awareness of dinking and the soft game around the kitchen. 

DUPR rating if applicable:

3.0 +


An advanced pickleball player is someone with very good control and power. They will be able to consistently hit the third shot drop and resets. They will also have great power from the back of the court and at the kitchen line. They are able to quickly transition between the soft and hard game, and have quick reactions to do so. They use the angles of the court to their advantage and are able to adapt their tactics to their advantage. They are technically sound an efficient, and have very few obvious weaknesses. 

DUPR rating if applicable: 

4.0 +