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Pickleball leagues

Below is a simplified version of our Lemon Pickleball League! Please check our League Policies/Format here before signing up. 

Entries close Thursday 20th June!

Lemon Pickleball League - Finchley


Team League, with 3 players per team
Players can enter on their own (we encourage them to do so) and we will assign you two other team-mates
You can enter as a team of two and not get a 3rd team-mate if you would like, but you will have make that clear when you sign up, and you would have to pay the price of 3 people.
2 Fixtures per Week
Minimum 3 Games per Fixture
1.5 hours of play
There will be prizes for the winners and runners up

Skill Levels


If you want to know what skill level you can find more info on our clinics page


The Archer Academy
Eagans Cl, London N2 8DJ

Date & Time

Start date: 24th June
9 week League
Including 2 weeks off

6:30pm - 9:30pm
Two 1.5 hr blocks

Gender & age

There are no gender rules for this league.
Entrants must be 18+

We will do our best to match up teams with similar skill level.


We provide all equipment - paddles, nets, and balls at no extra charge

As the league will be indoors, we will use indoor balls (PENN 26)


To enter
£63 per person Sign up
£189 per team Sign up
£15 per team per matchday

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