the team

Our Founders

Alex Minogue-Stone


IPTPA level 1 accredited pickleball coach

LTA level 2 accredited tennis coach

As a junior tennis player Alex competed regionally on a weekly basis and quickly became interested in the coaching side of tennis due to his passion for the technical and tactical aspect of the sport. Alex has extensive experience coaching groups and individuals of all ages including building his own learning drills and group coaching plans which have been extremely popular among his students. After being introduced to pickleball by Ash during the pandemic, Alex has a newfound passion for this burgeoning sport and is excited to help others discover why it is so much fun. Alex also now competes at Pickleball tournament when he can find time off his coaching!

Ash Spencer


IPTPA level 1 accredited pickleball coach.
Whilst touring worldwide with his band Yossarian over the past decade, Ash and his bandmates were always seeking ways of keeping physically and mentally fit on the road in between shows, regularly playing squash, tennis, and table tennis whenever downtime arrived. Having discovered pickleball on the bands’ most recent tour to Australia, Ash was disappointed to find very few opportunities to play the game when back home in North London. Due to his growing passion for the sport, Ash decided to enroll a couple of close friends and racket sport enthusiasts to help grow pickleball in the UK.